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Irene Bledel

Oil Painter

Robbed From Within: My Story Irene Bledel is the driving force behind each painting – a book still to be written. The challenges and experiences – Robbed From Within - that have woven the "Distant Sunset"tapestry of my life have taught me to learn how to appreciate the beauty of life and the power of our surroundings, inspiring positive visions that come to life on a canvas. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My journey has taken me to four continents and many beautiful images that bring brilliance to my artistic and untrained written and art expression. I know, I expect and thrive by closing my eyes that in a millisecond my lenses have captured a"Ultimate Betrayal" moment of peace and beauty in the parameters of my mind.

The brilliant writers of the Generation of ’98 and their impact on the Impressionistic Movement on art became a part of my literary, art focus and me. Integration of the ‘Inner I’, ‘The Self’, ‘Natural True Life’, and the freedom of my hand and soul impregnate the images I create within my writings and expressed on each blank virgin canvas. I manipulate my thoughts through the untainted oils to create with each stroke of my hand the moment my eye captured the vision in my soul. My art is an inner and private extension of myself.


"DeGrada’s Flowers"Ms. Bledel has been approved by Sotheby’s as an up-coming artist and her work has been exhibited at Sotheby’s web site. Ms. Bledel, in the mid-eighties, while working and residing in Milan, Italy, chose not to have her work exhibited, even though she had the support and encouragement of her mentor, the renowned critic Professor Degrada, University of Brera, Milan, Italy.

Ms. Bledel has sold over 200 plus oils under commissions in Pakistan, Italy, Germany, and the United States since the middle 1970’s.

Ms. Bledel is currently an active member of the Atlanta Artists Center. Past Co-Chairperson of the Volunteer Committee 2003 – 2004 - 2005.


Represented by:

  • ArtAssets, New York, June 2005 to present

  • Marty Mason for Savvy Snoot – West Side Urban Market, Atlanta, Georgia 2005 to present

Artist in Residence: The Forum at Defoor Centre – 2003 to present


The Emory Clinic: 2003-2004-2005



5th Annual GHNet Art Exhibit – 19 International and Southeast Latino Artists – Juried Show



Salvation Army Artist Award – Helping the Hispanic Art Community, Atlanta, Georgia


Limelight Gallery – Binders November 2005, Juried Show. Judge: Chery Baird – Gentle Path


Dunwoody Fine Art Southeastern Regional Exhibit: "The Eye of the Beholder " 2005, Juried Show, Judge: Marvin Mattelson. Orange Vase.

Kennesaw State University, CAREing Center:  “Art of the Golden Age Generation” 2005, Juried Show, Judges:  James Burnes and Michael Wright.“Mi Tierra, Las Pampas, Honorable Mention Award


Renaissance Show – Atlanta Artists Center, Atlanta, Georgia 2005– Juried Show, Judge:  Laura Mitchell


Avondale in Bloom: “Artists in the Garden” Invited Guest Artist - June 2005


Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine June 2005 Issue – Avondale in Bloom – Featured Artist


Sandy Springs Library One-artist Show:  March 2005



Avondale in Bloom: “Artists in the Garden” Curated 2004 – Judge: Terry Redman and Art Selection Committee


INFUSION: 4th Annual Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia, DeFoor Center Curated 2004 – Judges: Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia’s Senior Leadership



Southeastern Regional Show: Juried 2003 - Judge Alan Tiegreen

Artists Expressions: From the Heart and Palette Curated 2003 - Judge: Dale Rayburn


Irene painting at "Avondale in Bloom".



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